Monday, October 17, 2011

I have never

I am turning 29 years old next month
and I have never...

1.Been on an airplane with my kids
2.Been Skiing (and have no intentions of ever going)
3.Been on Jury Duty ( although i got my first letter last week =()
4.Ridden a mechanical bull
5.Jumped on a mattress in a mattress store

6.Worn a wig
7.Taken a midnight train anywhere
8.Taken a dance lesson
9.Died my hair blonde
10.Been to Europe  
11.Eaten a bacon cheese burger

12.Milked a Cow
13.Seen or read any of the Twilight saga
14.Seen gone with the wind
15.Bungee jumped

16. Shot a gun
17.Had a sardine

18. Been in a hot air balloon
19.Knit a blanket
20. Worked in a fast food restaurant
21.Swam with dolphins

What's on your list?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where I'm from ( a writing exercise)

I am from bubble baths, from Tupperware measuring cups,
and splashing in the kitchen sink.
I am from the dogwood tree blooming white flowers in my Grandmother's yard.
I am from the honeysuckles, four leaf clovers,
and the walks in the park picking mushrooms.

I am from the angel bear on top of the Christmas tree
and overbearing voices,
I am from my mother's side of the family.
I am from the loud laughter and
inappropriate holiday conversations
From don't make me pull this car over, and Stop biting your nails!
I am from Sunday morning masses and stained glass windows,
polyester plaid skirts and floral Easter dresses,
  Our Fathers and Hail Marys.

I’m from many different houses,
 tomatoes in the garden and pizza on Friday night.
From the spray painted hopscotch in the driveway,
the bickering grandparents during a
 Pinochle  game,
and the sister who wanted to kill me.
I am from the boxes of photos in the bottom of the closet
 and Polaroids labeled with black magic marker.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Only 6 words

Six Word Memoir: Write about a significant time in your life in just six words.
 It was harder than it sounds.

The days my babies were born
Little "B" 11/8/01

Baby "A" 4/12/08

What are your six words?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Life's a beach: 10 Do's & Don'ts to consider this summer

10 Do's and Don't for you to consider at the beach this summer:

  1.) The speedo
I don't really care what shape you are in, This is not a good look for anyone.

2.)Loud un bleeped offensive music.. I was at the beach this past weekend,and there was a group of kids playing beer pong playing music that no one should be forced to listen to. My 3 year old does not need to be dancing to "put your ass in to it". Keep it family friendly people.

3.) Watch your children. The beach is not an open day care. I do not want sand kicked in my mouth by some kid throwing it over his shoulder while you sit half a mile away with your ipod on and a blanket over your head.

4.)For the love of all that is holy, Just because it is a public restroom does not mean you don't have to clean up after yourself. If you miss the toilet, wipe it off. Flush the dang toilet, I can promise you that  no one wants to see what you were doing in the stall before them.Throw your feminine products in the garbage cans that have been conveniently built into the wall for that very purpose. Would you pee in your own bathroom if it looked like that?

5.) Keep the "girls" in their place.. If you have more than one mishap with the "girls" escaping, it's probably time for a new bathing suit. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house.

6.)Keep the monkey business for your own jungle. I don't mind the average PDA, but when your half naked and sweaty it's not ok to be on top of each other in front of people.

7.) Uggs are not beachwear. You are in a bikini, it's 90 degrees,do  you really need fur lining around your feet when all your other lady parts are hanging out?

8.)Don't wear socks with sandals. This one goes along with number 7. Air those dogs out, they have been cooped up all winter. This does not look good nor does it make sense.

9.)Don't stare. Didn't your mom teach you it's not polite? I get that there are half naked girls running around, but  it's just creepy, and your not fooling anyone behind the dark sunglasses.

10.) Just don't...

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Prom Date

After my last post 10 things about me where I had mentioned that I had been to a few proms and had worn a different dress to each one I decided to share pictures with you. This totally reminds me of that movie "27 dresses". You know where she had a closet full of bridesmaids dresses. Or the movie "the wedding date". Except these are prom dresses,not bridesmaid dresses, although I do have a bridesmaid dress, a dress I wore to a wedding, and my own wedding dress that I have since added to the collection . And I wasn't paid to attend any of these events.

So we will start from the beginning.
1.)My sophomore ring dance, It was a semi formal dance where we were given our class rings. I saw this dress in a Delia's catalog and fell in love, and the shoes!!! I was crazy about those shoes!

This feels like a million years ago

2.) Prom #1
The boy I was dating at the time (same boy as pic first love awww) asked me to go with him to his prom, I was only a sophomore and I was so excited!

Can you tell I was excited?

I got my dress from a bridal boutique and had shoes to match. It was beautiful. Although  it wasn't my own prom, I admit, I had more fun at this one then the rest.

I probably smiled like that the whole time

3.) My junior year my boyfriend and I broke up and besides being heartbroken, I was a little disappointed that I would not be going to the senior cotillion, But a few weeks before the dance a friend who was also without a date asked me to go with him. I can't remember where this dress came from but it is still hanging in my closet.

4.)My Prom!! My prom was on a boat and was a great time, but like I said it wasn't AS fun as the previous prom I had been to. Maybe it is because I had already gone to one?

5.) My senior cotillion. I had a great time at this one. It was senior year, our last dance, ahh the memories...

Love these girls! We had S.O much fun.

6.)A boy I had known since kindergarten and I become pretty close friends for a little while and he invited me to his prom. This was a little awkward because I only knew a couple people and I pretty much just sat at the table all night.

7.)  I was actually supposed to go to this prom with a (guy) friend but he cancelled on me at the last minute and I had already bought the dress. So a close friend of mine was going alone and she asked me to come and keep her company. This one was also a little awkward not knowing that many people and the boy who had ditched me was there with his date ( no hard feelings though we we're still friends).

As  I was digging all of these pictures out and reminiscing about each one I remembered that a few years after I graduated high school I did go to another prom.  ( I could not find a picture of it) A friend of mine had a friend who didn't have a date so I tagged along. I did wear the same dress as the one in the picture above. So at least one dress got 2 wears out of it.

There you have it.. Instead of the wedding date, I was the prom date. Anyone need a prom dress? A prom date? I still have a few of these collecting dust in my closet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 things about me

 Here is a list of 10 things about me that you may or may not already know

1.) Dirty clothes on the bathroom floor make me crazy.

2.) I went to 4 proms ( and two senior cotillions) in high school and wore a different dress to each one =) I had  more fun at the first one then I did at my own.

3.) I hate socks, I hate the way they feel, I hate the stupid seam thing at the toes.. I just hate them.

4.) I like my iced tea mixed with lemonade.

5.) I have absolutely no sense of direction.. A friend and I once got so lost that by the time we figured out where we were, we were almost 2 hours away from home and driving in the wrong direction

6.) I once ate a whole box of  nutty bar's in one night.

7.) I L.O.V.E the smell of pickles.

8.) When we were younger, My sister and I had a "barbie doll grave yard" for all our damaged barbies.

9.) I have been a  vegetarian for over 10 years but every Thanksgiving I still crave turkey.

10.) I dropped out of a class in college because we had to give an oral speech for the mid term exam.

Anything else you wanna know? How about you? Got any fun facts you wanna share?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interview with a 3 year old

Today I interviewed my 3 year old

Me: Hi "A" how are you today? A: I can't see you I am too far away

Me: Well come closer. A: But I am right next to you

Me: OK then anyways.. How old are you? A: 2 1/2

Me: I thought you were 3? A: But I like 2 1/2

Me: How old is mommy? A: 23 (niiiice)

Me: What is your favorite color? A: Pink and purple

Me: What does mommy do? A: work and text and plays with me

Me: What does daddy do? A:Oh nothing

Me: What is your favorite food? A: Drumsticks from Chicken

Me:What do you want to be when you grow up? A: A fairy godmother with pink wings that you make out of my socks

Me:Where do you want to live when you grow up? A: With you (HAHAHA think again little girl)

Me:What is your favorite animal? A: Lions and everything

Me:What food is the worst? A:Green beans YUCK I don't like green beans

Me:Who is your favorite person? A: Momma.. ask me who is my favorite guy
ME: Ok who is your favorite guy? A:  Daddy (AWWW)

Me:Who is your best friend? A: My favorite sister

Me: What is you favorite book? A: hmm let me think... everything I like everything

Me: What is your favorite thing to do? A: Kiss you (omg this kid is way too cute!!) and paint with daddy

Me: Do you have anything you want to say? Anything else you want to tell me? A: Well, I like Ice cream sandwiches that's it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I almost died on Mother's Day

My mother mentioned that all she wanted for Mother's Day was "for her kids to run a 5k with her".
So I do what any sane out of shape person would do *nod & smile* and change the subject.. "so do you want to go to stop & shop or shop-rite?"
A few days later there was a confirmation email in my inbox for registering to run the Mother's Day 5k. I turn to my husband, "I am going to die, I can't run." He tried to encourage me " but you used to run in high school, and I'm sure if you start running a little bit here and there you should be fine."
Well, as I recall I wasn't very good at it in high school so I Googled my name and cross country and the 1998 CIAC class championship cross country race results came up and although I came in 128th out of 132 girls, I ran 2.5 miles in 24:57 averaging a little over 9 minute miles..  not so bad.

I didn't take my husband's advice and run a little here nor there

Mother's day arrived ,  I rolled out of bed way too early for a Sunday,  I kissed my kids good bye and I went. The only reassuring thing was that we were starting and ending at the hospital.
So we pined our numbers on gave my mom the side eye and got in line.
before picture all smiles

And off we went.
First block down," phew I'm out of shape", about 1/4 mile in "holy cow chest pains gotta walk".

My sister and I rocked the buddy system and stayed together the whole race (better safe than sorry? or always look before you cross? or something like that) We walk/ran/panted.. wait what's that in the distance? Mile 2 mark with a table of water? YES!!
O.k. keep moving, that was  the goal just keep moving.
Taking notice of the people passing us, small children, an elderly man wheezing louder than a freight train, a woman with a squeaky stroller with 2 kids in it, man we are out of shape.
 After a lot of butt jiggling, moaning & complaining, chest pains, dirty looks from people who were serious about their race running,pretending to be invisible and crossing over the divider a teensy weensy bit to soon,we made it to the finish line WOOHOO! straight through the finish to the food/ water line.
I got home and I collapsed onto the couch, had to drag my lifeless body into a bath, get dressed and go to my mom's for brunch where she had the results from the race. 40:09 which averages to  12:57 per mile.  I may have thought I was bad in high school, and I may not have been eating right or taking good care of my body then, but whatever I was doing was working better than what I am doing now.

The after picture not so smiley

And by the way, my mom  did it in 31:59, was sitting in her beach chair and was on her second martini by the time I crossed the finish line. Just kidding, about the chair and drink part not about the her whooping my butt in a race part.
Good job mom I am so proud of you!!

Lesson learned:
Next time get mom a gift before she has a chance to tell you want she wants

Friday, May 6, 2011

Someone call hoarders!!

 I had about an hour of free time yesterday and wanted to tackle some things that have been neglected. I figured I could go through the kids clothes and take out the ones that they have outgrown and change the sheets on everyone's beds. With 4 kids that's a lot of clothes and beds so that would take about an hour.

I set my little one up with a snack and a movie and went upstairs to get started.
I walked into the boy's  room to take the sheets of the bed's and for some reason I looked under the bed... Why oh why did I look under the bed?!?! WOAH!! I started pulling everything out from under the bed..

I felt a little faint and had to sit down and contemplate what to do.. Should I pretend like I didn't see it? Should I have the boy clean it when he gets home from school? Would he get lost under there if he attempts it? Should I call hoarders??? There was no where to sit...

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal gift

As most of us witnessed, today was the royal wedding. oOooo aAAaaAa
I read that the wedding cost something like 35 million dollars.

Monday, April 25, 2011

my blogging mom

If my mom were a blogger maybe she would write a post about protein shakes & squats.
Or maybe she would write about being a young mom raising 3 beautiful well behaved children.
If my mom were a blogger she would spell everything correctly. Her punctuation and grammar would be impeccable. 

My mom isn't a blogger, she's a body builder..
yea that's right... you read that correctly!!

She hasn't always been a body builder, although, had she been maybe grade school wouldn't have been such a miserable experience.
 At least my kids can use her buffness to their advantage.They can bring her in for show and tell and I can make them t-shirts that say my grandma can kick your dad's butt. She can give the bullies that look she used to give us as kids to make us walk slowly backwards until we were at a safe distance to make a run for it, That combined with a muscle tee, who wouldn't feel safe with her around? They have their own personal body guard, secret weapon if you will.

If my mom was a blogger she would kick blog @$$ because that's how my mom rolls.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WARNING: contents may be hot

Ever see those warnings companies put on their products?The ones that are obvious.

Cup of  coffee - caution contents may be hot
Bic lighter- ignite lighter away from face
Food sealer-To prevent possible injury, do not apply the hose or the lid sealer to any part of the body while vacuum pump is in operation.
Bayer Aspirin-Do not take if allergic to aspirin.
Trojan condoms- not to be eaten

I have learned a lot of things being a mother.  One thing is that i will say things, almost on a daily basis, that i never thought i would ever say to another human being. Things much like the warnings above, Things that most people would assume to be obvious but clearly are not or they wouldn't have to be said.

 Do not pee on your brother's stuff

 Do not put your hands,feet,or face in the toilet
No i do not want to smell your armpit

 I know you don't like the crotch on your ballerina outfit but ballerinas have crotches

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Joke

I would start this out with a joke but I'm not good at telling jokes, I barely remember the whole thing and if i do it comes out weird and awkward. Much like my entire childhood, then I have awful flashbacks of plaid skirts and mean girls. 

The only joke i can ever remember is one my mom told when i was younger, apparently this is where i get the bad joke telling gene. I have no idea why this joke is burned into my brain, possibly because it is one of the worst jokes i have ever heard.
So don't expect any jokes here, because it'll just send me into the girls bathroom crying.

Wanna hear a clean joke? Johnny was taking a bath with bubbles..
Wanna hear a dirty joke? Bubbles was the girl next store..
ha ha harty har har
bad right?!