Monday, May 30, 2011

Life's a beach: 10 Do's & Don'ts to consider this summer

10 Do's and Don't for you to consider at the beach this summer:

  1.) The speedo
I don't really care what shape you are in, This is not a good look for anyone.

2.)Loud un bleeped offensive music.. I was at the beach this past weekend,and there was a group of kids playing beer pong playing music that no one should be forced to listen to. My 3 year old does not need to be dancing to "put your ass in to it". Keep it family friendly people.

3.) Watch your children. The beach is not an open day care. I do not want sand kicked in my mouth by some kid throwing it over his shoulder while you sit half a mile away with your ipod on and a blanket over your head.

4.)For the love of all that is holy, Just because it is a public restroom does not mean you don't have to clean up after yourself. If you miss the toilet, wipe it off. Flush the dang toilet, I can promise you that  no one wants to see what you were doing in the stall before them.Throw your feminine products in the garbage cans that have been conveniently built into the wall for that very purpose. Would you pee in your own bathroom if it looked like that?

5.) Keep the "girls" in their place.. If you have more than one mishap with the "girls" escaping, it's probably time for a new bathing suit. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house.

6.)Keep the monkey business for your own jungle. I don't mind the average PDA, but when your half naked and sweaty it's not ok to be on top of each other in front of people.

7.) Uggs are not beachwear. You are in a bikini, it's 90 degrees,do  you really need fur lining around your feet when all your other lady parts are hanging out?

8.)Don't wear socks with sandals. This one goes along with number 7. Air those dogs out, they have been cooped up all winter. This does not look good nor does it make sense.

9.)Don't stare. Didn't your mom teach you it's not polite? I get that there are half naked girls running around, but  it's just creepy, and your not fooling anyone behind the dark sunglasses.

10.) Just don't...

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  1. I agree Jeni - but it seems like people just don't care how they look. I use to work at Joanne Fabrics in Waterbury and it was amazing that people would come in wearing pj's and slippers.

    Aunt Sherry