Friday, May 27, 2011

The Prom Date

After my last post 10 things about me where I had mentioned that I had been to a few proms and had worn a different dress to each one I decided to share pictures with you. This totally reminds me of that movie "27 dresses". You know where she had a closet full of bridesmaids dresses. Or the movie "the wedding date". Except these are prom dresses,not bridesmaid dresses, although I do have a bridesmaid dress, a dress I wore to a wedding, and my own wedding dress that I have since added to the collection . And I wasn't paid to attend any of these events.

So we will start from the beginning.
1.)My sophomore ring dance, It was a semi formal dance where we were given our class rings. I saw this dress in a Delia's catalog and fell in love, and the shoes!!! I was crazy about those shoes!

This feels like a million years ago

2.) Prom #1
The boy I was dating at the time (same boy as pic first love awww) asked me to go with him to his prom, I was only a sophomore and I was so excited!

Can you tell I was excited?

I got my dress from a bridal boutique and had shoes to match. It was beautiful. Although  it wasn't my own prom, I admit, I had more fun at this one then the rest.

I probably smiled like that the whole time

3.) My junior year my boyfriend and I broke up and besides being heartbroken, I was a little disappointed that I would not be going to the senior cotillion, But a few weeks before the dance a friend who was also without a date asked me to go with him. I can't remember where this dress came from but it is still hanging in my closet.

4.)My Prom!! My prom was on a boat and was a great time, but like I said it wasn't AS fun as the previous prom I had been to. Maybe it is because I had already gone to one?

5.) My senior cotillion. I had a great time at this one. It was senior year, our last dance, ahh the memories...

Love these girls! We had S.O much fun.

6.)A boy I had known since kindergarten and I become pretty close friends for a little while and he invited me to his prom. This was a little awkward because I only knew a couple people and I pretty much just sat at the table all night.

7.)  I was actually supposed to go to this prom with a (guy) friend but he cancelled on me at the last minute and I had already bought the dress. So a close friend of mine was going alone and she asked me to come and keep her company. This one was also a little awkward not knowing that many people and the boy who had ditched me was there with his date ( no hard feelings though we we're still friends).

As  I was digging all of these pictures out and reminiscing about each one I remembered that a few years after I graduated high school I did go to another prom.  ( I could not find a picture of it) A friend of mine had a friend who didn't have a date so I tagged along. I did wear the same dress as the one in the picture above. So at least one dress got 2 wears out of it.

There you have it.. Instead of the wedding date, I was the prom date. Anyone need a prom dress? A prom date? I still have a few of these collecting dust in my closet.


  1. Lol.. I thought of this yesterday when I was at the park and all the Stratford delinquents were taking pictures before their prom. My god, I can't believe how ugly the prom dresses are today. I was blinded by all the sequin bra tops. Sadly, they seem to be marketing the same ugly tuxedos to all the guys, the same rentals they had back when we were in high school.. Ahh.. memories.

  2. I Know!! the dresses have changed so much in 10 years.. I would not have been caught dead in the neon sequenced dresses they wear now!!