Monday, February 13, 2012

If you give a mom a..

If you give a mom a day off..
She will wake up early because her internal clock doesn't have an off switch.
She will pour herself a cup of coffee and go to sit at the table to enjoy it.

When she sits down she will notice the table is a bit messy and start cleaning it off.
Cleaning off the table she will find a princess cup has fallen underneath.
She will take the cup to the sink and see that it is full and load the dishwasher.
Loading the dishwasher she will use the rest of the soap and decide she should run to the store.
At the store she remembers there is nothing to make for dinner and pick up a "few"things.

When she gets home she will put the groceries away and get dinner in the crock pot.
She will wipe down the counters and throw the towel in the laundry.

She will notice the laundry basket is full and head to the basement to do a load.
In the basement she will find clothes in the dryer and fold them and bring them up to be put away.
In her daughters room she will reorganize the closet and take out the clothes that don't fit.
She knows that she has to take them to goodwill before her daughter gets home and convinces her she NEEDS them.

On her way back she gets a little sleepy and remembers she never had her coffee.
She will get home sit down put her feet up to drink her coffee and hear the sound of the bus dropping the kids off from school..

So much for a day off

Mama’s Losin’ It