Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 things about me

 Here is a list of 10 things about me that you may or may not already know

1.) Dirty clothes on the bathroom floor make me crazy.

2.) I went to 4 proms ( and two senior cotillions) in high school and wore a different dress to each one =) I had  more fun at the first one then I did at my own.

3.) I hate socks, I hate the way they feel, I hate the stupid seam thing at the toes.. I just hate them.

4.) I like my iced tea mixed with lemonade.

5.) I have absolutely no sense of direction.. A friend and I once got so lost that by the time we figured out where we were, we were almost 2 hours away from home and driving in the wrong direction

6.) I once ate a whole box of  nutty bar's in one night.

7.) I L.O.V.E the smell of pickles.

8.) When we were younger, My sister and I had a "barbie doll grave yard" for all our damaged barbies.

9.) I have been a  vegetarian for over 10 years but every Thanksgiving I still crave turkey.

10.) I dropped out of a class in college because we had to give an oral speech for the mid term exam.

Anything else you wanna know? How about you? Got any fun facts you wanna share?


  1. Yes, yes. Dirty clothes in the bathroom drive me crazy as well.

    Fun fact about the proms! Now post pictures of all your dresses. :)

  2. right after i posted this, I thought I should post the pictures of them all.. I will look into that

  3. I was just telling my friend jonny's sister about all the proms you went to and that you wore a different dress to all of them because she was having trouble finding just one for her prom which is this friday

  4. Haha I just wrote a follow up post about the proms, and realized i did go to another one.. so it was 5 ( but I did wear one dress twice)I will be posting it tonight or tomorrow with pictures!!!