Monday, April 25, 2011

my blogging mom

If my mom were a blogger maybe she would write a post about protein shakes & squats.
Or maybe she would write about being a young mom raising 3 beautiful well behaved children.
If my mom were a blogger she would spell everything correctly. Her punctuation and grammar would be impeccable. 

My mom isn't a blogger, she's a body builder..
yea that's right... you read that correctly!!

She hasn't always been a body builder, although, had she been maybe grade school wouldn't have been such a miserable experience.
 At least my kids can use her buffness to their advantage.They can bring her in for show and tell and I can make them t-shirts that say my grandma can kick your dad's butt. She can give the bullies that look she used to give us as kids to make us walk slowly backwards until we were at a safe distance to make a run for it, That combined with a muscle tee, who wouldn't feel safe with her around? They have their own personal body guard, secret weapon if you will.

If my mom was a blogger she would kick blog @$$ because that's how my mom rolls.



  1. Now if anyone makes a run for it, I can catch them!! LOL!

  2. Will she train me? Please? Train me so I don't need Spanx?

  3. haha just hang out with her she'll drag you to the gym, make you run a 5k you'll be in shape in no time like it or not.. I hide