Monday, May 9, 2011

I almost died on Mother's Day

My mother mentioned that all she wanted for Mother's Day was "for her kids to run a 5k with her".
So I do what any sane out of shape person would do *nod & smile* and change the subject.. "so do you want to go to stop & shop or shop-rite?"
A few days later there was a confirmation email in my inbox for registering to run the Mother's Day 5k. I turn to my husband, "I am going to die, I can't run." He tried to encourage me " but you used to run in high school, and I'm sure if you start running a little bit here and there you should be fine."
Well, as I recall I wasn't very good at it in high school so I Googled my name and cross country and the 1998 CIAC class championship cross country race results came up and although I came in 128th out of 132 girls, I ran 2.5 miles in 24:57 averaging a little over 9 minute miles..  not so bad.

I didn't take my husband's advice and run a little here nor there

Mother's day arrived ,  I rolled out of bed way too early for a Sunday,  I kissed my kids good bye and I went. The only reassuring thing was that we were starting and ending at the hospital.
So we pined our numbers on gave my mom the side eye and got in line.
before picture all smiles

And off we went.
First block down," phew I'm out of shape", about 1/4 mile in "holy cow chest pains gotta walk".

My sister and I rocked the buddy system and stayed together the whole race (better safe than sorry? or always look before you cross? or something like that) We walk/ran/panted.. wait what's that in the distance? Mile 2 mark with a table of water? YES!!
O.k. keep moving, that was  the goal just keep moving.
Taking notice of the people passing us, small children, an elderly man wheezing louder than a freight train, a woman with a squeaky stroller with 2 kids in it, man we are out of shape.
 After a lot of butt jiggling, moaning & complaining, chest pains, dirty looks from people who were serious about their race running,pretending to be invisible and crossing over the divider a teensy weensy bit to soon,we made it to the finish line WOOHOO! straight through the finish to the food/ water line.
I got home and I collapsed onto the couch, had to drag my lifeless body into a bath, get dressed and go to my mom's for brunch where she had the results from the race. 40:09 which averages to  12:57 per mile.  I may have thought I was bad in high school, and I may not have been eating right or taking good care of my body then, but whatever I was doing was working better than what I am doing now.

The after picture not so smiley

And by the way, my mom  did it in 31:59, was sitting in her beach chair and was on her second martini by the time I crossed the finish line. Just kidding, about the chair and drink part not about the her whooping my butt in a race part.
Good job mom I am so proud of you!!

Lesson learned:
Next time get mom a gift before she has a chance to tell you want she wants


  1. you forgot to mention that you skipped part of the track, aka cheating, and your equally out of shape brother STILL beat you

  2. um no if you re read it i mentioned how we may have crossed over a tad to early lol and yes you did beat us anyway

  3. I had the BEST Mother's Day!!