Friday, May 6, 2011

Someone call hoarders!!

 I had about an hour of free time yesterday and wanted to tackle some things that have been neglected. I figured I could go through the kids clothes and take out the ones that they have outgrown and change the sheets on everyone's beds. With 4 kids that's a lot of clothes and beds so that would take about an hour.

I set my little one up with a snack and a movie and went upstairs to get started.
I walked into the boy's  room to take the sheets of the bed's and for some reason I looked under the bed... Why oh why did I look under the bed?!?! WOAH!! I started pulling everything out from under the bed..

I felt a little faint and had to sit down and contemplate what to do.. Should I pretend like I didn't see it? Should I have the boy clean it when he gets home from school? Would he get lost under there if he attempts it? Should I call hoarders??? There was no where to sit...

I decided I would have to do it if I wanted it done without anyone hurting themselves or getting lost in the abyss. So I grabbed a broom and a garbage bag and went to work,the sheets and clothes would have to wait.
I knew my son was a slob and have see his mess on a daily basis but N.E.V.E.R did I suspect this.
The random things that I discovered under his bed and even on his bed will keep me baffled until the end of time. Where did he get these things? Why does he have them? Toilet paper rolls, tooth picks,  enough pencils to build a life size log pencil cabin,and a million other things.

It took me about 45 minutes to finish but it is now liveable 

and surprisingly enough I did not find any squirrels or possums under there.

For the extra 15 minutes I had I sat quietly with a giant cup of coffee  and reflected on the disaster I just witnessed.

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