Monday, October 17, 2011

I have never

I am turning 29 years old next month
and I have never...

1.Been on an airplane with my kids
2.Been Skiing (and have no intentions of ever going)
3.Been on Jury Duty ( although i got my first letter last week =()
4.Ridden a mechanical bull
5.Jumped on a mattress in a mattress store

6.Worn a wig
7.Taken a midnight train anywhere
8.Taken a dance lesson
9.Died my hair blonde
10.Been to Europe  
11.Eaten a bacon cheese burger

12.Milked a Cow
13.Seen or read any of the Twilight saga
14.Seen gone with the wind
15.Bungee jumped

16. Shot a gun
17.Had a sardine

18. Been in a hot air balloon
19.Knit a blanket
20. Worked in a fast food restaurant
21.Swam with dolphins

What's on your list?


  1. "9.Died my hair blonde"

    Remember when you tried to bleach your hair with clorox?

  2. O my GOSH thanks for the reminder!! well it was only my bangs and was not successful as my hair fell out sooo maybe i should change it to "successfully died my hair blonde"